The transport and logistics industry is increasingly recognised as a profession with equivalent standards to any other profession. The designatory letters FCILT, CMILT and MILT signify a respected professional standing within the logistic and transport industry.  They also signify membership of a professional body which is represented worldwide.  Wherever they go, they are guaranteed to meet fellow professionals with whom common ground and interests are shared.  Furthermore, the institute's Code of Professional Conduct is a clear indication of how seriously the CILT and its members take its responsibilities. 

In addition to enjoying all of the above benefits, individual members are entitled to use MILT (for Member), or CMILT (for Chartered Member), or FCILT (for Chartered Fellow) as appropriate, after their name.  The prestige that attaches to these post-nominal letters is recognised in the industry throughout the world.  They are taken as the proof of a high level of professional achievement and practical experience.  Also they are fully recognised for the purpose of career advancement and promotion by the Hong Kong Government and many major corporations.  It is also accepted as a degree equivalent qualification by tertiary institutions for graduate studies.