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6 April 2023 | 
SCLP Network for Supply Chain & Logistics Professionals
Half-day Masterclass
Learn how to Future Proof your Organisation with a global futurist Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar CEO Fast Future UK
global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, futurist, c-suite advisor, author and educator, visiting from UK

How can businesses survive and thrive in a fast changing world and uncertain future?
Navigating current complexity and future uncertainty requires fresh insights, powerful ideas, and the capacity to turn inspiration into action at speed. In short, it requires a new future focused approach to leadership. In this fast paced and highly interactive masterclass, global futurist and corporate advisor Rohit Talwar will explore how we can future proof our organisations by:
  • Planning from and for the future - Developing the capacity to anticipate change and take an outside in perspective
  • Responding smart - Identifying and acting on the powerful forces of change driving market shifts and disruptions
  • Managing risk - Spotting and preparing for potentially existential threats 
  • Winning big - Tapping into opportunities for exponential growth
  • Mastering technology - Leveraging breakthrough technologies such as AI
  • Planning with foresight - Use foresight to ensure the resilience and robustness of key business plans and decisions
  • Embedding tomorrow - Building a forward-looking culture
  • LIFT Leadership - Developing the next generation of leaders with the capacity for Learning at speed, Innovation, Foresight, and  Transformational thinking

Who should attend?
This master class is for everyone who is responsible for driving the organisation forward - from executive leadership through to functional management.

What you will learn:
  • How to identify and evaluate the forces, factors, shifts, shocks, risks, and opportunities shaping the future
  • How to use these external insights to drive strategy, innovation, and change
  • How to prepare for critical risks and explore new opportunities
  • how to approach the ever faster pace of breakthrough technologies
  • How to use foresight to ensure resilient and robust business plans and decisions
  • How to build a forward-looking and learning-led culture
  • How to develop the next generation of future focused leaders

Date: 6 April 2023 (Thu)
Venue: Pacific Place Conference Centre
Format: Morning Master Class followed by Dim Sum networking luncheon
Master Class Package: USD 598 (payable by bank transfer or credit card)
Last few places available at USD498
Medium: English

For Enquiries & Registration  Mark Millar E: