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Professional Green Building Council (PGBC)
 Hiking & Architectural Appreciation 
Regenerating the Landscape of Lantau Mountain Camp
Mr SHUN Chi-ming, BSB | Director of Hong Kong Observatory (2011-2020)

Perched between the saddle of Sunset Peak (大東山) (869m, the third highest peak in Hong Kong) and Yi Tung Shan ( 二東山) (749m, the ninth highest), Lantau Mountain Camp (爛頭營) consists of a string of 19 rough-hewn single-story stone cabins and other amenity structures.

More than a century ago, Western Christian missionaries came to different parts of Asia to evangelise and set up many modernised social services. Long sultry summers and tropical diseases took a heavy toll on them. To escape the summer heat and to recuperate from physical and mental stress, they built hill stations, or mountain camps, on highlands.

Lantau Mountain Camp is the only surviving higland retreat of its kind in Southeast Asia; a stone cabin cluster whose scale, configuration and architecture are unique to the region. The whole camp bears witness to Hong Kong's internationality.

Its living history has a special place in the cultural heritage of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

This hiking cum architectural appreciation activity is a special opportunity for architects and interested parties to understand the architecture, history, sociality as well as the conservation needs and challenges of Lantau Mountain Camp and its surroundings.

Date:                             2 Jan 2023, Mon (public holiday)
Time:                             9:00am-4:15pm
Admission Fee:            HK$50 (including transportation and insurance fee, non-refundable)
Quota:                            50 HKIA and PGBC memebrs including their companions (First-come-first-served)
                                       *each member can bring max. one companion only.
CPD Hours:                    3 hours
Registration Deadline:  noon 19 Dec 2022

Gathering Location:      Tung Chung MTR Station
Dismiss Location:         Nam Shan Picnic Site
Gathering Time:             8:45am
Duration:                        7 hours 15 minutes (including hiking time of 4 hours)


Advisor and Speaker
Prof Thomas CHUNG
Professor | School of Architecture | The Chinese Unversity of Hong Kong

Prof Thomas Chung of School of Architecture, CUHK is leading a 3-year multidisciplinary project to regenerate Lantau Mountain Camp and its cultural landscape and conserve the pristine environment of Sunset Peak area.

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