DTLS 2022: The Transport Decarbonisation Series - Heat-Tolerant Batteries for Electric Vehicles
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 Distinguished Transport Lecture Series 2022 | 
The Transport Decarbonisation Series:
Heat-Tolerant Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Professor Chao-Yang WANG | Electrochemical Engine Center (ECEC) | 
The Pennsylvania State University

Mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) for decarbonisation is presently hindered by battery safety, high cost, and low utilisation of critical raw materials. Today's lithiumion batteries (LiBs), originated from application to man-portable electronics, are not designed to exhibit safety, lifetime and operational robustness required of machine-like applications like EVs. For example, thermal runaway in LiBs with highly volatile and flammable electrolytes caused General Motors' vehicle recall of $1.8B loss in 2021. Same batteries also experience severe degradation in surging air temperatures and will not survive hot summers. In this talk, I will present the development of heat-tolerant batteries for stable operation at elevated temperatures, much enhanced safety, and greatly simplified thermal management, paving the way to transport decarbonisation. Profoundly, this development unveils a new design paradigm for EV batteries without having to trade-off among energy, power, safety, lifetime, and cost.

Organiser:      Institute of Transport Studies, The University of Hong Kong

Date:               9 December 2022, Friday

Time:              10:30 - 11:30am (HKT)

Format:           ZOOM Online

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